Chronicle of the Archeparchy 

16-01-1887        Reconstruction of the present Metropolitan Church.

15-04-1887        Nazarani Deepika launched.

20-05-1887        Establishment of Vicariates of Kottayam and Trissur (Quod iam                            Pridem, Pope Leo XIII). 

13-09-1887        Bishop Charles Lavigne, Vicar Apostolic of Kottayam.         

11-08-1896        (Changanacherry) 

10-05-1888        Bishop Charles Lavigne assumes charge.  

18-12-1888        Bishop Charles Lavigne, convenes Changanacherry Synod. 

Vicars General :

                          1. Msgr Emmanuel Nidhiri 8.9.1889-11.05.1892

                          2. Msgr Joseph Thayyil 11.05.1892-09.09.1895

                          3.  Msgr  Mathew  Makkil  (For  Suddists)   08.01.1890-10.12.1896

14-12-1888        Founding of Franciscan Clarist Congregation by Bishop Lavigne.

14-12-1888        St. Germane's, the first Orphanage founded by Bishop Lavigne.

01-10-1890        Letter of  permission to shift the  head quarters of Kottayam Vicariate  to Changanacherry.  

03-02-1891        St. Berchmans, the first HS of the Syrians founded on the precincts of St. Mary’s Cathedral Changanacherry.

21-03-1891        Bishop Lavigne shifts his residence to Changanacherry (The present Mount Carmel CMC Convent building).

15-06-1891        Blessing of the  building of S.B High School (St. Germane’s Orphanage) on the new site donated by Ittan Mathu Chirayil at Ampalathakidy.

1891 (Thulam 10)     The Vicariate divided into eight Divisions:Changanacherry, Anakkallu, Arakuzha, Kalloorkkadu, Kuravilangadu/Muttuchira, Edappally, Pala and Pallippuram. Kottayam and Kaduthuruthy for Suddists.

12-1891             First Batch of S.B appears for Matriculation Examination.

09-1892             S.B High School Boarding House shifted to the new building.

19-02-1892        Foundation Stone laid for the new Bishop's House at Vedikkunnu.

1894                  Minor Seminary started in the Bishop's House. S.B High School in the Bishop’s House. 5000 French Franks yearly aid.

1894                  St. Joseph's Changanacherry, the first school for girls founded by Bishop Lavigne. 

30-09-1895        Bishop Lavigne goes to Rome. 

                          Rev. Fr Riccardo S.J., Administrator

11-09-1896        Fr Riccardo returns to France. Msgr Joseph Thayyil Administrator

28-07-1896        Ernakulam Vicariate created. Mar Louis Pazheparampil from Changanassery Vicariate, the first Vicar Apostolic (Quae Rei Sacrae, Pope Leo XIII). Arakuzha, Edapally, Pallipuram divisions of Changanassery Vicariate in the new Vicariate.

11-08-1896        Bishop Mar Mathew Makkil, Vicar Apostolic of Changanacherry 

                          Vicars General :

                          Msgr Joseph Thayyil  10.12.1896 - 18.05.1908

                          Msgr Cyriac Kandankary 18.05.1908 - 29.08.1911

                          Msgr Mathew Kupplikkatt  18.05.1908 - 15.11.1911

10-12-1896        Mar Mathew Makkil assumes charge.

07-12-1904        Jubilee Memorial Chapel, Parel, founded.

          1908        S.B. High School shifted to the present site.

          1908        SABS founded by Fr Thomas Kurialassery.

          1911        SH Congregation founded by Fr Mathew Kadalikattil.

29-08-1911        Kottayam Vicariate formed (for Suddists) (In Universi Christiani, Pius X) Kottayam, Kaduthuruthy divisions in the new Vicariate.

15-11-1911        Mar Thomas Kurialachery, Vicar Apostolic of Changanacherry (02.06.1925)

Vicars General :

                          1. Msgr Cyriac Kandankary  15.11.1911 - 24.03.1919

                          2. Msgr Jacob Kallarackal  18.09.1919  - 02.06.1925

          1912        Kuravilangadu and Kanjirappally made Foranes.

          1917        KCSL inaugurated

          1919        Basic Training School, Vazhappally (TTI) started

19-06-1922        Founding of SB College

          1922        Minor Seminary shifted to Kottayam from Bishop’s House

21-12-1923        Formation of Syro-Malabar Hierarchy (Romani Pontifices, Pius XI) with Ernakulam as Metropolitan See and Changanacherry, Kottayam and Trichur as suffragan dioceses. Mar Thomas Kurialacherry the first Bishop of Changanacherry.

          1924        St Joseph's Press started. 

18-03-1925        Msgr Jacob Kallarackal, Administrator

29-10-1927        Mar James Kalachery, The Bishop of Changanacherry         

21-12-1927        Mar James Kalachery, assumes charge.

                          Vicar General:  

                          1. Msgr Jacob Kallarackal   21.12.1927-27.10.1949

                          Pro-Vicars General:

                          1. Very Rev. Fr Joseph Vechianickal  1940

                          2. Very Rev. Fr Kuruvilla Plathottam  1940-1945

                          3. Very Rev. Msgr Jacob Kattakkayam 1945-1949

          1928        Vedaprachara Madhyastan published.

          1928        AKCC started

02-02-1929        Priests Provident Fund Association launched. Ramapuram, Athirampuzha and Alappuzha made Foranes.

          1933        Founding of MCBS at Mallapally.

          1944        Minor Seminary shifted to Parel. 

          1946        Travancore Education Struggle against taking over of LP Schools.

          1947        St. Joseph's Orphanage started. Founding of Cherupushpa Mission League at Bharananganam.

04-07-1950        Assumption College established.

27-10-1949        Msgr Jacob Kallarackal, Vicar Capitular                 

25-07-1950        Changanacherry divided a third time erecting Pala diocese. Anakallu, Pala, Muttuchira/ Kuravilangad,Ramapuram Foranes in the new Diocese (Quo Ecclesiarum, Pius XII).

18-12-1950 -     Mar Mathew Kavukattu, Bishop of Changanacherry

                          Vicars General: 

                          1. Msgr Jacob Kallarackal  18.12.1950 - 1951  

                          2. Msgr Thomas Puthenpura  1951 - 20.07.1958  

                          3. Msgr Luke J. Chittoor  20.09.1958 - 09.10.1969 

                          Pro Vicar General:

                          Msgr Jacob Kattakayam  21.12.1950 - 1951

12-04-1953        Foundation laid for Chethipuzha Hospital by Archbishop Martin Lucas the Internuncio.

24-11-1953        Cardinal Tisserant visits Changanacherry Eparchy.

                          Blessing of Chethipuzha Hospital by Cardinal Tisserant.

1953, 1984        JS Pious Union Started.

29-04-1955        Territory of the Diocese extended beyond river Pamba to include Kollam (The present) (Now Pathanamthitta District and parts of Alleppey District, Shenkotta Taluk of Thirunelveli District also), Thiruvananthapuram and Kanyakumary Districts (Decree of Oriental Congregation Multorum Fidelium).

          1955        Beginning of Harijan Catholic Mahajana Sabha (HCMS).

          1955        Chethipuzha Hospital founded.

04-07-1956        Mar Antony Padiyara from the eparchy appointed Bishop of Ootty.

29-08-1956        Changanacherry made Archeparchy (Pope Pius XII)

                          Mar Mathew Kavukattu, Archbishop.

          1957        “Vimochana Samaram” against Education Bill.

          1958        Sandesanilayam founded.

26-11-1959        Archeparchy of Changanacherry  inaugurated (Regnum Coelorum of John XXIII,10-01-1959).

          1960        Archbishop Kavukatt Jubilee Housing Scheme.

03-07-1962        Vadavathoor Seminary started. 

          1964        Starting of SH, the first English Medium School.

          1966        Changanacherry Social Service Society(CHASS) registered.

          1967        St. Thomas Nursing School started.

          1970        Fr. Placid Memorial Library started.

09-10-1969 -     Msgr Luke J. Chittoor, Administrator


14-06-1970        Mar Antony Padiyara, appointed Archbishop of Changanacherry

15-08-1970        Mar Antony Padiyara assumes charge.

                          Vicars General :   

                          1. Msgr Luke J. Chittoor 15.08.1970-12.05.1972

                          2. Bishop Mar Joseph Powathil 12.05.1972-15.05.1977

                          3. Msgr Kuriakose Parampath 1977-1981

                          4. Msgr Joseph Karimpalil 1981- 1986

                          Pro-Vicar General :

                          V Rev. Fr Joseph Maliparampil 1971-1975

29-01-1972 -     Mar Joseph Powathil, Auxiliary Bishop

13-02-1972 -     Consecration of Mar Joseph Powathil by Pope Paul VI (Rome).

12-05-1972        Mar Joseph Powathil assumes Charge

          1972        College Agitation against the University Bill

23-12-1972        Inauguration of Yuvadeepthi

          1972        Jeevakarunya Nidhi launched.

          1972        MOC started. 

29-06-1973        Mar George Anathil SVD from the Archdiocese appointed Bishop of Indore.

13-08-1973        Minor Seminary shifted to Kurichy.

          1973        Family Apostolate launched.

          1973        Asha Bhavan for the Mentally Retarded.

          1974        Yuva Deepthi College founded.

          1974        Mercy Home for the Physically Handicapped.

          1974        ASMI founded by Archbishop Padiyara. Anakkara, Erumely, Kattappana, Mundakayam, Upputhara, Manimala created Foranes. 

01-05-1975        Agra Mission started (Etawah, Farukkabad, Mainpuri Civil Districts of the Archdiocese of Agra).

15-08-1975        LSC Pious Union started.

22-11-1976        St. Antony's Priests Home, Mudiyoorkara.

26-02-1977        Changanacherry divided a fourth time giving shape to Kanjirappally. diocese. Anakkara, Erumely, Kanjirappally, Kattappana, Mundakayam, Upputhara Foranes in the new Diocese (Nos Beati Petri, Paul VI).

03-05-1977        Mar Mathew Cheriankunnel from the Archeparchy appointed as Bishop of Nalgonda.

15-05-1977        Mar Joseph Powathil assumes charge as the first Bishop of Kanjirappally.

08-09-1978        Archbishop Mar Antony Padiyara appointed Apostolic Visitor for Syro-Malabar  faithful outside the state.

          1978        LSDP Pious Union started.

1979, 1993        Kuttanad Vikasana Samithi registered.

          1980        Mathrujyothis started.

18-04-1981        FDSHJ Pious Union started. 

          1982        Department Offices in the Pastoral Centre

          1983        Pithruvedi started.

          1984        Educaid launched.

14-02-1985        Mar Joseph Pathalil from the Archeparchy made Bishop of Udaipur.

11-05-1985        Nilackal St. Thomas Church and Ecumenical Trust

18-05-1985        Mar Antony Padiyara transferred as Archbishop of Ernakulam.

03-07-1985 -     Msgr Joseph Karimpalil, Administrator

17-11-1985        Mar Joseph Powathil, appointed Archbishop of Changanacherry.

17-01-1986        Mar Joseph Powathil assumed charge as Archbishop.

                          Vicars General :

                          1. Msgr Joseph Karimpalil                  17.01.1986 - 01.07.1987

                          2. Msgr Mathew Pulickaparampil       14.05.1986 - 19.05.1994

                          3. Msgr Mathew Mattam                      01.07.1987 - 03.02.1994

                          4. Msgr George Alencherry                 03.02.1994 - 02.02.1997

                          5. Msgr Jos P. Kottaram                      03.02.1994 - 17.07.2007

                          6. Msgr Mathew Vellanickal                 03.02.1997-

                          7. Bishop Mar Joseph Perumthottam 20.05.2002- 19.03.2007

29-01-1986        Mar Hypolitus Kunnumkal from the Archeparchy appointed  Bishop of Jammu & Kashmir.

08-02-1986        Pope John Paul II visits Kottayam. Inaugurates the restored Raza. Beatifies Bl. Alphonsa FCC and Bl. Chavara Kuriakose Elias CMI

09.06.1986        Amala Thelogical College founded. Amboory, Kurumpanadam, Kottayam Foranes created.

29.08.1986        Cause Mar Thomas Kurialassery initiated. Mar Joseph Powathil received Palium.

17-05-1987   -   Centenary of the Archeparchy celebrated.


15-08-1987        Centenary Memorial Pastoral Centre inaugurated by Cardinal Lourdesamy.

    -09-1988        Starting of Pastoral cooperation programme with the Archdiocese of Bamberg, Germany.

          1989        Inter-diocesan Science Education Trust (SET) registered.

03-07-1989        SST Monastic Congregation founded by Archbishop Joseph Powathil at Nallathanny.

03.07.1990        Marthoma Vidyanikethan inaugurated.

          1991        Sandesh Communications started functioning.

          1991        ATMATA, the Temperance Movement started.

31-01-1991-      Centenary of SBHS and Education activities celebrated.


06.06.1992        Danahalaya, the Centre for Priests & Religious started.

29-05-1992        MLF (Archeparchial) Congregation started.

          1993        CANA, Family Life Institute inaugurated.

          1993        Sanjeevani, centre for mental health care started.

19-03-1993        Mar Simon Stock Palathara CMI from the archeparchy appointed

                          Bishop of Jagadalpur. 

      12-1994       Religious Fellowship Foundation registered.

08-06-1995        St. John the Baptist College of Education started.

          1995        Bl. Alphonsa Sneha Nivas for street boys. 

          1995        CICAR, the dept. of Archaeology started.

18-12-1996        Fifth bifurcation of Changanacherry establishing Thuckalay Eparchy. Kanyakumari District and Shenkottai Taluk in the new Diocese (Apud Indorum Gentes, John Paul II). 

02-02-1997        Mar George Alencherry consecrated and installed as the first Bishop of Thuckalay.

          1997        Archbishop Joseph Powathil Jubilee Memorial Dalit Welfare Fund.

          1997        Inter-diocesan Human Resource Development Trust registered - Coaching for entering into the Civil Service Examination.

15-08-1998        Bishop Lavigne Centre inaugurated.

26-01-1999        St. Joseph's Priests' Home, Ithithanam inaugurated.

06-02-1999        Zion Retreat House, Kunnamthanam inaugurated.

          1999        Higher Education Centre started.

16.12.1999        Second Archeparchial Assembly.

25-12-1999-      Great Jubilee celebrated. Priestly Ordinations conferred together

06-01-2000        Common Religious Profession. Patriarch Ignace Mousa I Daoud took  part in the concluding function. 

10-06-2000        Episcopal Ordination of Msgr George Kocherry, Apostolic Nuncio. Great Jubilee Memorial  Blessed  Alphonsa  Centre started. 

06-01-2001        Bishop Kalacherry Memorial SH High School (CBSE) shifted to Kilimala. Karavaloor, Kottarakkara Missions started.

16-06-2001        Pathanapuram Mission started.

23-02-2002        Establishment of St. Thomas Parish Kollam.

28-10-2002        Thoma Sleeha Centre Niranam inaugurated.

24-04-2002        Mar Joseph Perumthottam appointed  Auxiliary Bishop.

20-05-2002        Mar Joseph Perumthottam consecrated Bishop.

          2002        Starting of St. Thomas College of Nursing at Chethipuzha.

          2003        1950th Year of the arrival of St.Thomas, Great Missionary Sangamam.

          2004        Inauguration of the Nursing College by Patriarch Moussa Daoud.

14-06-2004        Blessing and Dedication of the birth place of Servant of God Mar Mathew Kavukattu (pravithanam) by Archbishop Mar Joseph Powathil.

17-07-2004        Birth Centenary of Archbishop Kavukattu celebrated at Changanacherry and Pravithanam 

                          Centenary of Parel Shrine.

          2004        Mavelikara Mission started.

                          St. Joseph’s College of Communication sanctioned.

01-10-2004 -

08-10-2004        Pro Oriente meeting at Kunnanthanam.

23-10-2005        11th Synod of Bishops came to a close.

29-10-2005        Ruby Jubilee of CHASS started.

01-11-2005        Silver Jubilee of CLT Course ended.

10-11-2005        Nidhiyirickal Museum at Parel opened for the public.

27-11-2005        New set of Propria for the Holy Qurbana was introduced.

31-12-2005        Silver Jubilee Celebration of Mathru Jyothis.

          2006        Family Year (KCBC)

23-01-2006        Digital Library of St. Berchmans’ College inaugurated.

28-01-2006        Inauguration of Navathy Celebration of KCSL.

06-02-2006        Blessing of Makkil Centre at Changanacherry.

04-03-2006        50th death anniversary of Msgr. Jacob Kallarackal.

30-04-2006        Beatification of Fr. Augustine Theverparampil.

12,13-05-2006   Religious get-together in connection with the Golden Jubilee of the Archeparchy.

20-05-2006        Missionary Gathering at Parel in connection with the Golden Jubilee of the Archeparchy.

01-06-2006        Reception given to Baselios Marthoma Dideemos Bava and Isaac Mar Cleemis in the Archbishop’s House.

03-06-2006        Chrism consecration in the Metropolitan Church.

06-06-2006        Reception given to His Excellency Ludwig Shick, Archbishop of Bamberg in the Archbishop’s House.

01-06-2006        Order of the Star of Ghana, the Supreme Award given to His Grace Mar George Kocherry.

02-07-2006        Niranam Pilgrimage started under the leadership of Yuvadeepti-KCYM.

06-07-2006        Reception given to Bishops Mar Joseph Kariyil and Mar Sebastian Thekkethecheriyil in the Archbishop’s House.

15-07-2006        Mar Thomas Thuruthimattam from Aruvikuzhy becomes the new Bishop of Gorakhpur.

15-07-2006        XIth Pastoral Council inaugurated.

19-08-2006        Tomb of the Servant of God Mar Mathew Kavukattu opened.

                          SH ICSE School inaugurated.

21-08-2006        Consecration of the newly built Thiruvallam S H Church.

07-09-2006        Joint Pastoral Council of Changanacherry, Palai, Kanjirappally and Thucklaiy dioceses.

11,12,13-07-2006   Third Archeparchial Assembly.

27-09-2006        Reception given to Mar Thomas Thuruthimattam in the Archbishop’s house.

03-12-2006        Sr. Evuprasyamma pronounced Blessed.

22-01-2007        Mar Joseph Perumthottam was announced as the 4th Metropolitan Archbishop of Changanacherry.

19-03-2007        Enthronement of His Grace Mar Joseph Perumthottam as the Archbishop of Changanacherry.

                          Vicar General

                          1)  Very Rev. Fr. Joseph Kurinjiparampil 2007-2012

                          2)  Very Rev. Fr. Joseph Naduvilezham 2007-2012

                          3)  Very. Rev. Malpan Mathew Vellanickal  2007-

                          4)  Very Rev. Fr. John V. Thadathil  2010-2014

09-05-2007        Reception to His Beatitude Baselios Mar Cleemis.

19-05-2007        120th Archeparchial day at Kurumpandam Forane.

12-08-2007        Rally and Public Meeting at Kottayam  for the protection of Minority Rights.

17-12-2007        Reception to Mar Joseph Arumachadath, the Bishop of Bhadravathi Diocese.

09-05-2008        Year of The Word of God.

10-01-2008        Deepika Apex Board Meeting.

19-01-2008        End of the state level Diamond Jubilee Celebration of CML at Changanacherry. Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Pedro Loppez Quinthana took part.

26-01-2008        Beginning of the Golden Jubilee Year of Sandesanilayam, the Catechetical Centre of Changanacherry.

31-01-2008        Symposium on ‘Atheism and Faith’. Selected members of Changanacherry, Palai and Kanjirappally Eparchies took part in it.

17-02-2008        Caritas Changanacherry (Emergency Relief Fund) began.

14-03-2008        Nirmalapuram Kurisumala pilgrimage began.

05-04-2008        ‘Kerala Sabhatharam’ Award presented to His Grace Mar Joseph Powathil by BLM Irinjalakuda.

20-05-2008        Kudamaloor, Thrickodithanam and Kollam-Ayoor became Forane Churches.

29-06-2008        Pauline Year began.

27-07-2008        Protest Rally  and Public Meeting at Changanacherry against Kerala Government’s Educational Policy.

04-08-2008        Chrism consecration in the Metropolitan Church.

19-09-2008        Navathy Celebration of AKCC began.

12-10-2008        Canonization of Bl. Alphonsa in Vatican.

01-11-2008        Puthenparambil Thommachen’s 100th Death Anniversary.

08-11-2008        Reception to His Eminence Leonardo Sandri, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches at Kudamaloor.

09-11-2008        Inauguration of Media Village by Former Indian President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

11-11-2008        12th Presbyteral Council Inaugurated.

21-12-2008        End of the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Pithruvedi.

26-12-2008        New website of the Archeparchy started.

11-01-2009        Reception to the Most Rev. Albert D’souza, the Archbishop of Agra and Rt. Rev. Raphel Manjaly, the Bishop of Varanasi.

27-03-2009        Deepika Apex Board Meeting

04-05-2009        Deepika Apex Board Meeting

20-05-2009        Year of Priests inaugurated.

                          125th Year Jubilee Celebration of the Vicariate started.

02-07-2009        Blessing of the Foundation stone for Niranam Pilgrim Centre.

06-09-2009        Reception to Archbishop Cyril Vasil SJ, Secretary to the  Congregation for the Oriental Churches in the Archbishop’s house.

09-10-2009        Foundation stone laid for Mar Kavukatt Museum.

                          40th Death anniversary of Servant of God Mar Mathew Kavukatt.

27-10-2009        60th Death anniversary of Mar James Kalacherry.

05-12-2009        12th Pastoral Council inaugurated.

25-02-2010        Reception to the Armenian Patriarch His Beatitude Aram I in the Archbishop’s house.

27-04-2010        25th Death anniversary of Fr. Placid J. Podippara CMI.

20-05-2010        Year of Priests comes to a close and Year of Religious begins.

10-06-2010        Silver Jubilee Celebration of Amala Theological College.

15-08-2010        Platinum Jubilee of Assumption College.

14-10-2010        Golden Jubilee of Kanyakumari Mission.

20-11-2010        Reception to Baselious Mar Thoma Paulose II in the Archbishop’s House.

04-12-2010        Centenary Celebration of the Episcopal Ordination of the Servant of God Mar Thomas Kurialacherry.

06-02-2011        Pandalam Mission started.

08-02-2011        Silver Jubilee of the visit of Pope John Paul II to Kerala (Kottayam).

23-02-2011        Radio  Media Village inaugurated.

07-03-2011        The Mass Petition signed by one lakh people against ART Bill submitted to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi by His Grace Mar Joseph Perumthottam.

28-03-2011-      Ad Limina Visit


01-04-2011        Major Archbishop His Beatitude Mar Varkey Vithayathil passes away.

02-04-2011        Servant of God Bishop Thomas Kurialacherry proclaimed ‘Dhanyan’. 

10-04-2011        Funeral of Major Archbishop His Beatitude Mar Varkey Vithayathil.

01-05-2011        Pope John Paul II pronounced Blessed.

19-05-2011        Religious Gathering in connection with the Year of Religious.

19-05-2011        125th year of the establishment of the Vicariate inaugurated by the Apostolic Nuncio His Grace Archbishop Salvatore Pennachio.

19-05-2011        Year of the Laity inaugurated.

28-05-2011        Missionary Gathering at Metropolitan Church.

29-05-2011        Mar George Alencherry becomes the 3rd Major Archbishop.

03-06-2011        Reception to the Major Archbishop Mar George Alencherry by the Archeparchy in the Cathedral and at the Archbishop’s House.

03-07-2011        Post Centenary Silver Jubilee  ‘Pedaka Preyaanam’  starts.

29-07-2011        Inauguration of ‘Navathy’ of St. Berchmans’ College.

15-08-2011        Mission Year of Syro Malabar Church began.

29-08-2011        Madhyasthan ( officially launched.

08-10-2011        Ruby Jubilee of Yuvadeepthi-KCYM inaugurated.

17-10-2011        New Major Archbishop of Syro Malabar Church and the Members of the Permanent Synod officially visit Pope Benedict XVI and Roman Curia Members.

19-11-2011        Roof for Roofless at Kidangara was blessed by Mar Joseph Perumthottam and Mar George Kocherry.

25-11-2011        Silver Jubilee celebrations of Amala Theological College came to a close.

03-12-2011        Centenary of the Episcopal Ordination of Mar James Kalacherry.

14-01-2012        Meeting of the representatives ({]Xn-\n[n kt½-f-\w)  in connection with the post centenary silver jubilee of the Archeparchy was inaugurated by the Prefect of the Oriental Congregation Cardinal Leonardo Sandri at Cathedral Ground.

14-01-2012        Golden Jubilee of St. Thomas Apostolic Seminary, Vadavathoor.

14-01-2012        Ecumenical Gathering in connection with the visit of Cardinal Leonardo Sandri at the Archbishop’s House.

10-02-2012        Official Inauguration of Radio Media Village 90.8

11-02-2012        History Symposium at Assumption College in connection with the post centenary silver jubilee celebrations of the Archeparchy.

12-02-2012        Meeting of people working in the medical field in connection with post centenary silver jubilee of the Archeparchy inaugurated by Mar Bosco Puthur.

13-02-2012        Ruby Jubilee of the Episcopal Ordination of Mar Joseph Powathil at Archbishop’s House.

14-02-2012        Farmers’ meet in connection with post centenary silver jubilee celebrations of the Archeparchy at Mampuzhakary

18-02-2012        Reception to His Excellency Dr. Agidius J. Zsif kovics the Bishop of Eisenstadt Austria.

19-05-2012        Post Centenary Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Archeparchy concluded with Holy Mass and public meeting at Cathedral, Changanacherry. Cardinal Monteiro De Castro was the chief guest.

29-06-2012        Puthenparambil Thommachen became Servant of God.

07-09-2012        Blessing of the New office of the Archeparchial Jeevakarunya Nidhi Trust.

26-09-2012        90th Anniversary Celebratiion of SB College concluded.

02-10-2012        Golden Jubilee of the Priestly Ordination and the Ruby Jubilee of the Episcopal Ordination of Mar Joseph Powathil was celebrated.

11-10-2012        Faith year was inaugurated in the Archeparchy.

01-12-2012        Diamond Jubilee of Corporate Management schools celebrated.

02-12-2012        Ruby Jubilee of Yuvadeepthi – K.C.Y.M. celebrated.

14-12-2012        Reception to the Cardinal Moran Mor Baselios Mar Cleemis at Archbishop’s House.

28-12-2012        Pope Benedict XVI resigned from his office.

22-01-2013        Ruby Jubilee of Asha Bhavan Celebrated

16-02-2013        XIII Pastoral Council inaugurated

19-03-2013        Pope Francis - The new head of the Catholic Church

12-05-2013        Bible Week Started.

11-06-2013        100th Death Anniversary of Bishop Charles Lavigne.

24-07-2013        The Souvenir of the Post Centenary Silver Jubilee Celebration – Charithra Padhathil 125 Varsham released.

26-07-2013        Anaphora of Mar Theodore inaugurated in the Archeparchy.

15-10-2013        Three day seminar on Vatican Council in connection with faith year started.

09-11-2013        Youth Alive – 2013

24-11-2013        Concluding Public meeting of the Faith year on Archeparchial level at Amboori.

03-12-2013        Diamond Jubilee of the Corporate Management Schools ended.

19-12-2013        4th Archeparchial Assembly.

05-01-2013        Palamattam Beth Thoma raised to the status of Monastery Sui juris.

26-01-2014        100th Death Anniversary of Mar Mathew Makil

27-02-2014        Reception to the German Auxiliary Bishop Hain Rich Timverse from Muenster diocese, in the Archbishop’s House.

27-04-2014        Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II declared saints.

10-05-2014        Follow Me Channel launched.

31-05-2014        Ruby Jubilee of Chethipuzha Mercy Home.

08-06-2014.       Inauguration of Mar Gregorious College Punnapra.

18-06-2014        Archbishop Mar Joseph Perumthottam visited Pope Francis

      07-2014       SB College became autonomous.

12-08-2014        Official Inauguration of Punnapra Mar Gregorious College.

17-08-2014        Justice Sunday and Avakasha Prakyapana Rally led by the Archbishop Mar Joseph Perumthottam.

12-09-2014        Day of prayer and fasting in the Archbishop’s House to express solidarity with the Christians who were tortured in Iraq and Syria.

14-09-2014        Foundation stone for the New Mar Gregorious College building blessed.

19-09-2014        Public meeting arranged in Kottayam to express solidarity with the Christians in  Iraq and Syria who were persecuted.

20-10-2014        Golden Jubilee of St. Aloysius College Edathua.

23-11-2014        Cannonization of Chavara Kuriakose and Bl. Evuprasia.

23-11-2014        Foundation stone of Parel Church was blessed by His Holiness Pope Francis in Rome.

29-11-2014        Pope Francis declared year of consecrated life.

06-12-2014        Archeparchial thanks giving celebration in connection with the canonization of Bl. Chavara Kuriakose Elias and Bl. Evuprasia at Mannanam.

13-12-2014        State level Youth festival of Yuvadeepti-KCYM at Assumption College.

17-01-2015        Kudumba Visudheekarana Varsham come to a close.

21-01-2015        Post Centinary Silver Jubilee of SB High School.

10-01-2015        KCSL Jubilee Inaugurated.

18-01-2015        Blessing of the newly built office of Marthoma Vidyanikethan.

01-03-2015        Day of prayer and processions conducted in four regions namely Thiruvananthapuram, Changanacherry, Alappuzha and Athirampuzha of the Archeparchy to express solidarity with Christians who were persecuted in different parts of the world.

25-03-2015        Mortal remains of Venerable Mar Thomas Kurialacherry and Servant of God Mar Mathew Kavukattu shifted to the newly blessed Kabaridapally.

25-04-2015        Diamond Jubilee of Southern mission.

29-05-2015        Ruby Jubilee of Agra mission.

13-09-2015             Multhorum Fidelium - Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Syro Malabar Church’s Thekkan Mekhala Mission

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